Once upon a time, even when they thought that Dimona was at the end of the world and every mention of it brought up an initial atomic connection, we, at “Hadas,” saw a wild potential: sands, cliffs and beautiful craters in the world. We also knew that for two decades now, Dimona of today is growing and growing to glory, with a warm and colorful hospitality culture. And also fantastic location for anyone in the northern Negev Dead Sea region and the southern Judean desert are of interest to him.

As a talking professional we have recognized the potential and potential beauty.
So a few years ago, we set up the Desert Desert – a unique apartment complex that hosts hundreds of permanent and temporary businessmen each year, tourists from abroad who come to visit the Negev, families seeking peace and quiet and strolling in the region and guests of the largest establishments in the south.
We bought two buildings in the heart of Dimona, peeled them to the skeleton level, renovated from the ground up and created excellent accommodation. In our opinion, of course, but also to know some of our dear guests. We added a personal touch to it, boutique touches, a deep affection for aesthetics and color combinations, and we got a lot of thought for anything you might want in the apartment.

We have merged 35 years of experience and knowledge in the world of tourism into the “desert myrtle”. The result: compliments from the word of mouth. It’s fun.
We love to host, love people, love customers and especially love to be fair. You will feel at home when you are away from home. Because there is a wonderful life to live and an amazing world to see – that is our motto.
We think tourism is real estate and love people.
Come visit us in the desert.